Should you outsource content marketing – views around the web

Is there any research showing whether working with a partner to create content for your business is a good idea or not?

Skilled-up commissioned a survey of 200 professionals that found that a third of them found it difficult to find individuals with the right expertise.

This ranked third in a list of challenges they faced doing content marketing.

Bar chart of top three challenges faced by content marketers: budget, time and expertise
The top three challenges faced by content marketers

The Entrepreneur looked at the costs of hiring an internal creative team and the costs of an in-house writer, designer and web developer can quickly go over $100k.

If your company make a gross profit of $20 on every $100 of sales, this means you need to bring in an extra $500k of sales to cover the costs of the team.

An alternative view says that firms are bringing content creation back in-house as it becomes increasingly core to their revenue generation strategy.

Google’s algorithms value quality over quantity, and outsourcing to a cheap provider that creates low quality content can make your results worse, not better.

Hiring professionals and training them may be better in the long run.

But is your only choice between internal and external content creation?

Just over half of all companies keep their content creation in house.

Very few use only outsourcing but the rest have a mix of internal and external content.

Interestingly, large companies are more likely (61%) to use a mixed approach rather than just using in-house content.

The need for content is going to increase and three quarters of small businesses are using content marketing.

Keep some of these stats in mind when thinking about how to design your content machine:

  • $1 in every $3 is going to be spent on content marketing
  • 15 blog posts a month generate 1,200 new leads on average
  • Less than half of B2B marketers have a written content strategy
  • 85% of transactions will be carried out without talking to a human by 2020

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