How much content should be on your website?

Sketch showing increase in the amount of content on the internetYou need to get your point across in less than 10 seconds

The amount of material on the internet is growing every second.

It’s impossible to read and remember everything. In 2008, a study of web use showed that:

  • 17% of page views lasted less than 17 seconds
  • 4% of page views lasted more than 10 minutes
  • 28% of words were read on an average web page (593 words)

Readers ruthlessly discard pages that do not interest them.

But, if they find something that interests them, they hang around.

The magic number is 10 seconds.

If they stay this long, then they will look around some more.

And if you can interest them for 30 seconds, then they could look around for ages, or at least 2 minutes, which is the same thing on the web.

But, you need to have good content to get readers in the first place

Sketched histogram showing the number of words on webpages

Search engines appear to think that if you have less than 200 words on your web page, it’s not worth reading.

An image heavy site is going to suffer if there isn’t enough text in the page for the search engine to read.

Each image should have a description of its content. This also increases the accessibility of the page.

So what is a good length for content on a page?

Data from serpIQ shows that top ranking pages have 2,000 to 2,500 words and they suggest that 1,500 words could be a good target.

So its crucial that you can create good long form content that helps search engines rank your pages and put them in front of prospects.

Break up your content so it can be scanned quickly

Many readers decide if a page is worth reading by looking at the headline, scanning the sub heads and getting a feel for the docment.

According to Neilsen, pages should be:

  • Concise
  • Scannable
  • Objective

Your sentences should be short and to the point.

Use headlines and bullet points to break up the flow.

And let the facts speak for themselves.




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