Your content needs to answer your prospect’s questions

Did you ever really make a sale by avoiding a prospect’s questions?

Perhaps you did. Perhaps the biggest sale you made was when you evaded every question, dodged objections and danced around the prospect, deftly avoiding any commitment.

Maybe in the days when the prospect knew nothing about you and decided to trust you anyway, going ahead with the sales process.

What happened when eventually, they had to make a decision?

I bet that it all fell apart. If the prospect was not satisfied that they understood what you were selling, I bet they decided not to go ahead.

Today, your prospect can find out everything about you pretty quickly. The chances are they don’t need to though, because your competitors are already in front of them, telling them what is considered best in class in your industry. By the time they meet you, they are expecting to get some answers and, if you don’t, they’ll go with the other company.

Knowledge is no longer power in the information age. Sharing knowledge is in – sharing your knowledge to help a prospect understand their options, evaluate your offering, compare it to others and make a decision.

Trying to keep things secret is a good way to lose business. No one has the time to humour you.

And, you definitely can’t shout at your prospect and tell them to stop asking you questions.

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